Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct 19

No mom i havent been to the mission home what they
do normally is you send stuff
to the mission home they stick a little sticker on
it with my address and the
mail man takes it to where i live because the mission
home is a long way away we
can't go there. unfortunately the mailmen got upset
at having to reforeward all
the mail the the mission home gets so now we get mail
roughly once a week at
zone/district meetings the assistants bring it the all
the individual zone
leaders and the zl's give it to the district leaders
and the dl's give it to
each missionary right now the zl's have my package they
told me about it a few
days ago i just haven't gotten it yet. and about the
whole jackekt thing i just
decided i don't really care anymore if i get cold i get
cold if i'm warm i'm
warm i'll find out how cold it gets this winter than
next winter i'll know
whether or not i need anything... its really kind of
amusing this whole combined
letter thing. it makes me laugh... your goofy email thing
with the word wrap
thing thats a little frustrating.... i couldn't open the
window big enough to
read the whole thing with one i copied and pasted into
word then shrunk it down
but the other it wouldn't let me do that so i just had
to scroll back and forth
the whole time... oh no i'm running out of time... umm
well everything going
cool here we had a mission conference yesterday that was
pretty cool and after
that we had a fireside for the rest of the night we didn't
do much missionary
work at all yestarday because elder Pace from the 70 came
to talk to us so that
was pretty cool. umm. i'm not sure what else one of the
members already told us
she wants to feed us for thanksgiving she way cool she
always plays pranks on
the new missionaries its way fun :) but yeah everythings
going good umm i can't
think of anything else and i need to go write brigette
still i don't know if it
will extend my time or not... so i'll talk to you next week!


Sept 30

hey i sent an email last week i don't know what
happened i sent one to you and
one to brigette too but oh well... thats so cool
that there's two full time
missionaries in the family now :) i would tell you
exactly what time it is right
now but i don't have my watch i've been way out of
it today i don't know why...
i'm doing great we had transfers today and i'm still
with Elder Godfrey six more
weeks with him then we're pretty much certain he's
gone. thats kinda ridiculous
about alex's teacher i reallyy don't think thats a
very good way to teach. but i
guess i really don't have much say in the matter...
i hope it gets better
though. we had two baptisms this last saturday we
baptized kayla finally and
this guy named jose they're both way cool kayla knows
and has known that the
church is true, jose has a pretty strong testimony
but he loves learning about
new things and he is almost always reading the book
of mormon so its really
cool. then last night we had a cottage meeting at a
members house with one of
our investigators and he had all these weird questions
like he pointed out how
in the bible it says that cain was kicked out or
cast out and then like two
verses later it says in his new land he found a
wife so the question is where
did the wife come from if cain was the first to be
cast out? it was crazy so we
answered it with the pearl of great price it
basically says it was a daughter of
seth. but like he just had a bunch of questions
like that and it was really cool
we haven't given him a baptismal date yet but we're
going to go for sometime in
october he basically knows the church is true but he
just doesn't under stand
why so we're just answering his questions that he
has. usually our day consists
of about two investigator visits a few member
visits and an hour of street
contacting we almost never tract we've practically
been told not to tract just
because its so ineffective our mission right now is
trying to think of new
creative ways to find people we every once in a
while play guitar and street
contact we'll play dominoes because the dominicans
love to play dominoes so we
play a llittle and then start talking about the
gospel its sweet :) but yeah we
almost never tract the weather is starting to get
colder its funny my companion
is from canada so he loves it but the other three of
us are from mesa phoenix
and las vegas so we always want the windows closed
i personally really don't
care right now because it still feels good i guess
you could call this like fall
or autumn something like that.... but it does feel
good one thing i need is a
good jacket i don't want to buy one here cuz it will
be way too expensive it
would probably be cheaper to buy one and send it to me
let me know how much
money i have on my debit card. i don't want to use it
but i want i at least know
if i can use it if i need to. just send the package
that you have the longer you
wait the more stuff i'm going to ask for and the more
expensive its going to be.
oh ok so we have cockraoches in our apartment its not
bad but everyonce in a
while... so last night we got home and on was on my
desk so i just smashed it
and left it there cuz i didn't want to do anything with
it. so this morning i
went in and turned the light on and it jumped up and
started running around!! so
i sprayed it with raid and threw it away but it was
weird. i hope you guys get
this letter i'm doing fine everythings going good i
hope everything goes well
with getting brigette to the mtc the mc is going to
be pretty interesting right
now with the swine flu again. oh ok cool story. i'm
getting closer to being
bilingual i was at the lds employment center we do
service there we like
translate stuff and make phone calls. but the lady
had me call some one who said
they spoke and understood enlish and so i was like
ok cool whatever. well she
answered the phone and i could tell she did't speak
english so i tried to talk
to her in english and she just didnt get it so i
started talking in spanish she
aparrently understood spanish she started blabbering
about how a bunch of stuff
but it was really cool :) so yeah the spanish is still
coming along it takes a
lot of practice though and a lot of saying t
hings wrong. last week we learned
that constipation in spanish means you can't breath.
that was weird... but
anyways i think thats about it so i'll write you again
next week i love you all

Elder Shumway

Sept 16

Ok so I'm going to start off by saying that i
love being a misionary in new york
but there is no way i would live here...
its great to visit but no way... so we
moved a couple of weeks ago and our shower
was pretty much garbage... like it
looked great it was newly remodeled and everything
it looked great you turn the
tub on water works fine... but when you turn the
shower on its pretty much
garbage... it was like a mist like impossible to
shower type of mist so i took a
little thingy out of the showerhead and it was a
little better then we decided
to just take the whole showerhead off and it was
almost worth fighting with i
just took baths but i'm one of the shortest ones
in the apartment and the other
elders can't fit in the tub so we told the
superintendant and she was like that
fine thats normal we're like no its not so we
called the mission office and they
called the super and the super was like there's
a new water conservation law and
thats how the showers have to be now and the
mission office sister farnsworth
was like thats a lie get some one to go fix the
shower. it was so awesome so now
our shower works and our superintendant pretty much
hates us. so let me see what
else happened oh yeah we were supposed to have a
baptism on the 5th of sept. and
we got verything ready everyone was there except
kayla who we were going to
baptize. so we waited about an hour which is like
spanish standard time and then
i took another elder with me to go talk to see her
and help her with like her
baby and everything and she basically had the worst
day of her life on saturday.
she was late getting home from a meeting she had so
she had to rush to get ready
her baby was crying for like 3 hours and she couldn't
figure out why the 5 year
old that she takes care of was crying she had no idea
why her aunt and mom both
had to go help her cousin who is about to give birth her
husband had to go to
work she lost the money the she was going to use to get
a taxi and her phone
died so she couldn't even call us to tell us. so it was
kind of a bad day for
her... since then she went to new jersey for a while and
we haven't seen her
since then she pretty much fell of the face of the
planet... we don't know she
won't answer our calls she's never at home oh yeah and
we talked to her brothers
mother-in-law and she told us that kayla's 19 year old
sister in the dominican
republic is lost and no one knows where she is so
basically satan will not let
kayla get baptized and its kinda annoying so we know
that once she does get
baptizd she'll be a verry faithful member for the
rest of her life and her newly
born son will be the most incredible missionary ever :)
at least thats what
we're telling ourselves :) so yeah we've had a lot of fun
recently oh on
saturday i ate more rice than i ever have before and
probably ever will again we
had three dinner appointments on saturday the first
one gave us rice beans and
chicken the second lady Daisy gave us beans chicken
and rice. the last lady gave
us arroz abichuela y pollo or rice beans and chicken.
so it was pretty much a
fun day :) i'm so excited for lissa's baptism i can't
wait to see pictures. its
such a huge moment for her i wish i could be there to
see it :) hey i've got a
question... who if any one is going to post our emails
after brigette leaves? on
the little blog thing? oh so recently our apartment has
been getting way
interested in geocaching but we can't go online to see
the website or anything
so we can't really do any we have a gps and eerything
but we can't get the
coordinates or anything like that so its kinda lame
but oh well we'll figure out
something to do. we just like want to do it on a pday
or something like that
because we aren't supposed to leave our area so the
only places we can go are
like mcdonalds. but we have parks in our areas so
we're pretty sure theres at
least one geocach somewhere oh um if some one from
new york calls answer it. i
gave your phone number to a lady named glennys she's
way nice she gave us like
four boxes of cereal last week and two gallons of milk
and just a ton of food
she always feeds us she speaks english obviously or i
wouldn't tell you to
answer it. she said she called and no one answered and
i guess she like got
offended by the answering machine cuz it says "we just
don't want to pick up the
phone right now." she told me thats just rude. i'm like

sorry its the truth :)
they probably all watched the phone ring when you
called too :) she's such a
nice lady though :) now i think thats it i'm pretty
sure... ok have a nice week
i hope everything goes well.

Elder Shumway

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9

Dear Family,

I'm glad you all had a wonderful time
taking brigette to the temple :) I'm
doing pretty good here just trudging
along there's not much new stuff
happening. we've got two solid baptismal
dates right now and we'll hopefully have
another one soon the problem is she's
been bptized already by another church and she
believes that that church had the authority
to do it so thats the problem we're
facing now... but we taught her the word
of wisdom last night and she accepted
it without even questioning it it was
really cool :) i have no idea what we're
going to do today we're going to mcdonalds
or burgerking i think but i don't know for
sure. i need to get a new watch its a good
thing they sell watches on pretty much
every corner :) i can't think of anything
else .... i hope eerythings going good
and i hope brigette is getting ready to
leave :) don't forget to take a towell
i forgot to bring one they sell them at
the mtc but yeah just try to remember
the stuf you'll need other than just
the stuff on the list :) like a towell...
i love you all i hope you're doing well
i'll write you again next week :)

Elder Shumway

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sept 2

We've been having issues with the email for the last couple of weeks,
Cameron was sending them on Wed, but we weren't getting them until Friday!
I may have missed a couple of postings!!

Thats awesome about jenny! :) she needs to learn about the
gospel! thats what the gospel does it flls those holes that
people have if she's looking for something like that she'll
find it in teh gospel, but if it takes too long she'll try
to find it somewhere else. so lets go! :) i'm so excited about
Brigette thats so awesome :) thats going to be so cool to have
us both be onmissions at the same time i wish i could be
there for her going through the temple though. i did get
the emails from cory and holden i'll write them back if
i have time today but i don't want to email them so it
will be hand written in case i forget to tell them make
sure they understand the whole email thing... i can get
emails from whoever. it doesn't mater so they can email
me from their email addresses i just can't respond to
them through email i have to hand write them. which is
a little lame. but oh well oh and the package thing
oh wait! i need to tell you all about mail. i don't
remember if i told you or not but the mail men at the
mission home are complaining about how they deliver all this
mail to the home and then the next day its all in the
mail box again going somewhere else. so we don't get mail
except for like zone conferences mission conferences so
like twice a cycle. so its a little lame... i could give you my
apartment address but i don't really feel like it...
so anyways :) oh yeah we moved this week thats about
all we've done we moved from the sixth floor to the
first floor of the same building. it was a little bit
involved :) but we mostly moved in i had to take out
those screws that are impossible to turn left that
was pretty interesting :) it was a first for me :)
but yeah everythings going good i have awesome
room mates its always a party when were all four together
its so much fun. i don't know what else to say hmm.....
i don't know i have a bunch of letters to write today
or maybe just three i haven't decided yet...
maybe seven. i don't know we'll see how much time
i have... oh yeah! yesterday we had our interviews
with president smith. well most people did i was on a
slpit with one of my roommates and the two of us took
president smith to an appointment with us he neer went
on a mission so he does this to like see what
its like i guess i don't know... but it was fun he was
so uncomfortable that was like all he said the whole
time was how he really stood out. which is totally
true we really stand out we kinda live in the ghetto
so for us to walk around in suits and ties we kinda
stick out a little bit but you just kinda get used to it
after a while :) but it was really fun thats why i didn't
get an interview because we had to leave for an
apppointment so yeah but it was pretty cool.
especially because he doesn't speak spanish so i got
to translate for him it was cool. we got a free
stereo this week its almost exactly like the one
in my room we visited a member who didn't want it
anymore so we offered to throw it away
and as we were going we thought i wonder if this
still works so we took it home and it works great
so we now have an awesome stereo in our sweet new apartment!
i think thats about it if i think of something else i'll
write you a letter later today after i write to
everyone else. thanks for everything!

elder shumway

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OK So it's been along time since Cameron actually left, but I haven't put up any pics about the airport and Brigette took a gajillion pictures for me, so here are some of them.

Getting out of the car. Brenton came along to see him off.

It was a long wait at the airport, you have to get there 2 hours before and then there's nothing to do but look at each other.

We left so early that Cameron didn't get to eat breakfast, and Cameron ALWAYS eats breakfast, so Darci treated him to some morning Pizza!!

Since she was just barely pregnant, she needed to eat too!!

This is the "Girly" camera that I bought for Cameron. I honestly thought it was a darker blue. I obviously was mistaken. We told him to tell all the other missionaries that his girlfriend gave it to him.

Everyone got hugs before he left, He did hug Brigette too, but she didn't give up the camera.

Then you have to go through all the ropes, even though you are the only one getting on the plane.....

Then the long walk to the boarding area...

We went up to the top of the parking garage to see him off

And here's his plane taking off

And in the air


July 29

ok so today was kinda fun. we went to the library
to do our e-mail and the server at salt lake was
down so we couldn't do it. but then we found out
that you're only allowed to use a computer once
a day at the library so we were pretty much hosed...
but now were in like some sort of travel agency and i
don't know how much its going to cost or whatever like
that but yeah... we went to applebees today it was good.
we go out to eat too much i think but its probably
just me... oh thank you for asking questions so i have
something to answer... :)
i'm doing good. my companion is american but he is from
canada. he says he loves it there and it sounds pretty
cool. he's from over by the rocky mountains so we
can relate there. i am definately getting better at
understanding the language my "test" is this one
lady named maria like half the city. shes a really nice
mexican lady that feeds us a lot if i can get to where i
can understand her i'll bee good. she talks way too fast.
so yeah but i'm getting to where i can at least follow what
shes saying. were teaching two people right now one just gave
birth so she can get baptized it was pretty sweet she's
like two weeks overdue so we gave her a blessing and
that night she goes into labor it was pretty sweet.
plus her aunt has been listening to the lessons and now
maybe her husband will too. then there's maria reyes
who knows everything and is now getting ready
to get baptized. oh and we just started teaching
this mexican guy last night named jugo which is litterally
translated to juice. but he's awesome he said he was
walking down the street thinking about God and the sisters
stopped and talked to him and after they left he was
like " what just hapened i just gave them my phone number
and addresss and everything." so it was pretty sweet. right
now new york is pretty amazing but i wouldn't want to
live in the city its not bad but i would just want
to make it quieter... but its really cool theres like
random parks that are really nice. pretty much every
building in my area has about 6 floors so none are
huge theres occasionally one with like 15 but most
have 6 the elevators are nasty if they have one but
the people are so nice. i haven't gone to the temple
yet or seen it and we didn't go to the yankee's game
last week or whenever it was but were going to try for
the next one on wed before 6 :) its not asking much...
but yeah there's actually another one this
cycle so i may go in my first six weeks. :) please give
them my address i got a letter from the Hallstroms a
couple days ago it apparently takes a really long time
to get here but yeah give out my address i can't send
e-mails to anyone but i can read them from any one
so you can do that too. thats crazy that Holden is
an elder! :) i still remember feeling so old when he was
blessing the sacrament for the first time. oh how's brenton
doing with his papers? i know hes moving but he still needs
to get that done. if he doesn't i'll smack him. in a couple
years... :) thats funny recently we've been eating about
every 2-3 hours too :) especially on sundays :) dominicans
are so nice! oh we were fed by this lady from peru it was
SO good! ok i was thinking today theres three people that i
could call ma in this area. three different ladys each one
is from a different country. its so cool this is probably
the only place that could happen. i've got a flag for
the DR and mexico. oh i bet you had some nutso parties
going on in the neighborhood on sunday! i heard that
mexico won the world cup like 5-0 thats crazy one of
the recent converts from mexico said he could have gone
to the game but he would have had to miss church so he
didn't go :) we were so happy! its been raining a lot here
its not hot just way humid and my comp doesn't know the
difference... its just sweat... but yeah i like the rain but
i wish it would thunder more. oh it just did... :)
ok well i think thats it but i still have a bunch more
emials to go through so i may write more after all the others. :)

Elder Shumway

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 22 part 2

ok so i sent an email to the other cameron shumways family
and told them that i'm not their son. i hope they're not
like mad at me or anything. umm oh! i'm going to a yankees
game today if you get this it starts at 1 05 here so like
eleven or ten maybe there i'm not sure what the time
difference is... but we got sick seats from this guy
in our apartment building. i mean very desireable seats
since missionaries are supposed to have prper language
and such... but he told us they're like $400 seats and
he just gave them to us he has 9 season tickets and he
is taking four of us today its going to be awesome im
so excited. thats about i i have left to tell you oh
and tell brigette- this was my thought process.....
"should i send her letter to mom and dad's or grandma and
grandpa's... oh yeah its summer..." so brigette's letter
should get there sometime within the next couple of days
i don't know how long it takes but i'll try to send it
today i didn't date it so yeah sorry. ok well i think thats
everything i can't think of anyhthing else. oh let me know
whats going on with darci's baby if its a boy/ girl
umm... i don't know names either way the good
stuff. oh yeah and he password for the psp if i can
remember is something like aaaaaaaak its all a and
the last letter is the letter under a i'm pretty sure
its k ok i'm about to get kicked off so i'l write to you
again next week! love you!

Elder Shumway

July 22 part 1

you guys need to send me a picture of cors truck
thats crazy. i'm glad they're all ok. i don't
have a lot to say but time flys it seems like i
was emailing you yesterday it goes by quick.
right now we have three progressing investigators.
one jsut recently started antiprogressing though.
we found out that apparently she found her husband
cheating on her and things haven't been very good
for her so yeah. but then there's another girl
named kayla who is ready to go she's been through
all the lesons she knows its true she's just waiting
to give birth and she'll be baptized its taking
an unusually long time. and her aunt also is
planning on getting baptized the same day she
loves having us over its crazy whenever we're there
she just smiles the whole time. we sill have to teach her
all the lessons and stuff but yeah its really exciting.
oh i was told you got a call from our ma. :)
her name is glennys um...... ma i don't know her last
name. but she said she called and no one answered i
told her thats how it works...she's really nice to
us she feeds us pretty much whenever we want her
to and she doesn't let us help clean after
and we've tried she said she was giong to let us
tomorrow but she'ss probably like have everything
already cleaned when we get there or something
ike that. shes really nice to us though. i got some
more letter for the other elder shumway. this week
well emails i don't know how to
forward them or i would send them to him i feel bad...
i wonder if he's getting any of the emails and i don't
know what his address is either its just a big
mess its a little annoying... but apparently his
family just had shumway games! :) i didn't read
any more than that but yeah so this is a big time for the
nortons then with holden getting teh preisthood
and ryker getting baptized thats awesome ok i
need to go well no i don't want to. i'll just extend
it hopefully it will extend it. i'll send this one
then type some more in another one just in case it
doesn't. so yeah have fun! have a great week and be safe!

i love you!
Elder Shumway!

10 minutes left

ok well i have ten minutes left so i don't
know how long this will be but i'm
afraid i may eventually have to talk
to this otehr Elder cameron shumway i think
i got some emails for him so yeah i don't know
how this is going to work out...
i wonder what his email address is... anyways.
oh i forget i wanted to tell you
the cake here is awesome there's nothing else
like it theres whats called biscocho i think
thats how its spelled bro rillons probably
knows about that one and the other one too..
its called tres leche they're both fantastic. there's
also a drink that they make call morir sonando (with
a little thingy over the first n) which means to
die dreaming. its really dang good. ok well i
just went over on the computer so i have 19
minutes now so here we go... :) thats dumb it
won't let me run out of time it just extends it
when it gets to five minutes...
oh well. subways are fun. very exciting. we have
gone real tracting once it was
a lot of fun. i really enjoyed it. :) i still haven't
really had a sucessful street contact. but i have
tried to do a street contact and it was entirely in
spanish i am really learning just not really all that
fast. :) its coming though. i think my favorite
time of day right now is either personal study time
in the morning or night time laying in bed praying.
they're both awesome. church was fun it was nice
to be in a family ward again even if i had absolutely no
idea what they were talking about... i did get the
topics of both talks but i had no idea what they said
about either topic :) they talk so fast here. theres
this one lady her name is maria reyes. when she talks
it makwes me think of curt barker he talked way too
fast. i usually didn't understand what he said and it
was in english. maria is talking in spanish. its hard
but it feels so good when they talk about church
stuff cuz i can keep up with what they're saying. i can't
input anything yet but i can understand whats going on.
soits pretty cool. :) ok
it just told me i have ten minutes left so i'm going to
get off before it extends me another fifteen minutes...
i hope it doesn't like cost anything....
oh well. have a great week i will write you again next
wednesday probably about this time! love ya!

elder shumway

Just Cameron July 15

yeah i just got a email from cory unfortunately
i can't email him back cuz he's not immediate family
... i'm not sure if i can email brandon or not....
i dont know. thats awesome that cory has decidd to go
on a mission i'm so glad he has there's nothing better
he could be doing right now. so in my first week i
realized that yeah i don't know spanish. but i also
realized that i don't know dominican either. supposedly
tehy speak spanish but i've been told its about as
close to spanish as portugese is to spanish. and thats
who i'm with is a bunch of dominicans they're so
awesome though. they're so nice to us its great. i
figure if i can get to where i can understand them then
i'll be able to understand just about any spanish
they tatlk so fast i think most of them can
talk english faster than i can. so spanish is a lot
of fun! :) yeah its great out here though i love
it so far. oh you said gunnar and brady had they'er eagle
projects i was kinda confused. i'm guessing you meant
porter though thats awesome i'm glad they finished
and i won't tell gunnar that you spelled his name
wrong cuz he hates that :) so yeah thats about it until
yesterday we had two people committed to baptism and
then last night we got another one and another
investigator besides that so it was a really good day
yesterday :) umm... yeah i can't really think of
much else... this is why i don't like email i feel so
pressed for time i can't think of what to say but oh
well if i think of anything drastically important
i'll write a letter tonight well today but yeah later
today... anyways i hope everything is going great
and every one is having fun i know i am i love you
all can't wait to hear from you again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8 2009

hey whats up i'm not going to put much cuz i'm still not a huge fan of typing or

emailing or ... talking really but i'm in new york everythings good i got a new

companion his name is elder Godfrey he's pretty cool. theres really not much

else we went to go see one of his old converts and i can actually understand

some spanish :) but were in the washington heights or as its commonly known the

dominican heights. and he told me that people from dominican republic talk

really fast so i guess we'll see how much spanish i really know but it was

pretty cool to be able to understand anything that was being said i thought it

was going to be way worse. ummm i can't think of much else please don't email me

i would rather get something in the mail if i starrt getting nothing but e-mails

i'll stop e-mailing i can do it i've done it two months now so don't stop

sending mail. oh my address here i don't know if you guys have it or not but its

uhoh i forgot... 700 white plains road suite 315 scarsdale, NY 10583 yeah thats

it so send stuff there i'm not sure how everything else works but i'm sure i'll

get it soon enough i love it here already its weird its just so different. i

guess thats pretty much all there is i still have half an hour... my hands are

tired already. i don't have a car i don't have a bike i've already been on the

subway i think three times and a bus once that was interesting. but yeah we just

walk everywhere. were in manhatten my companion told me were actually pretty

close to the temple so thats pretty cool but i still haven't seen it yet so

yeah. ok well i have to write the mission president now so and i'm pretty much

all out of stuff to say so i guess i'll talk to you next week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2nd letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

I sent you a letter last Wednesday, (5-6-09) but I guess you never got it. Of Course. Anyways, I'm alive. I'm doing pretty good. I've got a great companion. I've got and awesome district too. There's six Elders and four Hermana's and we're all going to the same mission so it's pretty sweet. Oh and the other district (of 6 elders) that's like three weeks farther along than us is worried we're going to know more Spanish than them soon. Spanish is not easy and I can't spell in English anymore because Spanish spelling makes so much sense. Anyways, I've learned so much already, like the way I taught the first lesson to you guys was pretty much stupid. It's so much easier this way, but you have to have the spirit or it's just the discussions that were before "Preach My Gospel" But that's about it. I can't really think of anything else, at least I won't until after this is in the mail box. Yo se que JesuCristo vive.

Cameron Shumway

Elder Cameron Phillip Shumway
MTC Mailbox # 179
NY-NYCN 0707
2005 N 900 E
Provo UT 84604-1793

Mom's turn : just to let all you people that are thinking I"m a terrible Mom for not writing him, I did sent him a letter as soon as we got his first one, he just didn't get it before he wrote this letter.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Alive

First letter: May 6 2009 (We think, he didn't actually date the letter, but it's postmarked the 7th, so the 6th seemed like a safe guess.)

Dear Parents,

Hi, I'm alive. Umm... my alarm clock broke during transit. I'm trying to fix it but it doesn't look good. other than that I'm alive. That's really about it. They told us to tell you that I'm alive, so I did... I can't
really think of anything else. So, write you in about a week.

Cameron Shumway

Okay, now it's time for Brigette's portion of the blog post.


2.) This letter was written on grph paper. I find this very cool, my mom and sister think it's bizarre.

3.) You can probably expect most of his letters to be about this long. I warned you: Cameron is a man of few words.

4.) He didn't write "love," "sincerely," or even, "your kid" before he signed it. He just signed it... with his full name.

5.) I hate having lists of only four things, so here's my pretend fifth thing.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greetings Earthlings

Hi there,
This is Brigette. Cameron got set apart as a missionary today and I decided to take it upon myself to set up a blog for him. The goal is to have Mom (or me, I guess) post the stuff he sends home so that you all can be kept up-to-date on his life. Now, this is not an excuse to not write him, but it is partially intended to appease you when he doesn't write you back because, face it, he probably won't. He's not a big writer. Tonight he admitted that the only reason he'll be sending letters home to Mom and Dad as often as he will be is because the mission president is going to make him.

Anyway, that's your little intro to Cameron's blog. If it goes un-updated for too long, talk to my mom. :-D