Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9

Dear Family,

I'm glad you all had a wonderful time
taking brigette to the temple :) I'm
doing pretty good here just trudging
along there's not much new stuff
happening. we've got two solid baptismal
dates right now and we'll hopefully have
another one soon the problem is she's
been bptized already by another church and she
believes that that church had the authority
to do it so thats the problem we're
facing now... but we taught her the word
of wisdom last night and she accepted
it without even questioning it it was
really cool :) i have no idea what we're
going to do today we're going to mcdonalds
or burgerking i think but i don't know for
sure. i need to get a new watch its a good
thing they sell watches on pretty much
every corner :) i can't think of anything
else .... i hope eerythings going good
and i hope brigette is getting ready to
leave :) don't forget to take a towell
i forgot to bring one they sell them at
the mtc but yeah just try to remember
the stuf you'll need other than just
the stuff on the list :) like a towell...
i love you all i hope you're doing well
i'll write you again next week :)

Elder Shumway

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