Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 22 part 2

ok so i sent an email to the other cameron shumways family
and told them that i'm not their son. i hope they're not
like mad at me or anything. umm oh! i'm going to a yankees
game today if you get this it starts at 1 05 here so like
eleven or ten maybe there i'm not sure what the time
difference is... but we got sick seats from this guy
in our apartment building. i mean very desireable seats
since missionaries are supposed to have prper language
and such... but he told us they're like $400 seats and
he just gave them to us he has 9 season tickets and he
is taking four of us today its going to be awesome im
so excited. thats about i i have left to tell you oh
and tell brigette- this was my thought process.....
"should i send her letter to mom and dad's or grandma and
grandpa's... oh yeah its summer..." so brigette's letter
should get there sometime within the next couple of days
i don't know how long it takes but i'll try to send it
today i didn't date it so yeah sorry. ok well i think thats
everything i can't think of anyhthing else. oh let me know
whats going on with darci's baby if its a boy/ girl
umm... i don't know names either way the good
stuff. oh yeah and he password for the psp if i can
remember is something like aaaaaaaak its all a and
the last letter is the letter under a i'm pretty sure
its k ok i'm about to get kicked off so i'l write to you
again next week! love you!

Elder Shumway

July 22 part 1

you guys need to send me a picture of cors truck
thats crazy. i'm glad they're all ok. i don't
have a lot to say but time flys it seems like i
was emailing you yesterday it goes by quick.
right now we have three progressing investigators.
one jsut recently started antiprogressing though.
we found out that apparently she found her husband
cheating on her and things haven't been very good
for her so yeah. but then there's another girl
named kayla who is ready to go she's been through
all the lesons she knows its true she's just waiting
to give birth and she'll be baptized its taking
an unusually long time. and her aunt also is
planning on getting baptized the same day she
loves having us over its crazy whenever we're there
she just smiles the whole time. we sill have to teach her
all the lessons and stuff but yeah its really exciting.
oh i was told you got a call from our ma. :)
her name is glennys um...... ma i don't know her last
name. but she said she called and no one answered i
told her thats how it works...she's really nice to
us she feeds us pretty much whenever we want her
to and she doesn't let us help clean after
and we've tried she said she was giong to let us
tomorrow but she'ss probably like have everything
already cleaned when we get there or something
ike that. shes really nice to us though. i got some
more letter for the other elder shumway. this week
well emails i don't know how to
forward them or i would send them to him i feel bad...
i wonder if he's getting any of the emails and i don't
know what his address is either its just a big
mess its a little annoying... but apparently his
family just had shumway games! :) i didn't read
any more than that but yeah so this is a big time for the
nortons then with holden getting teh preisthood
and ryker getting baptized thats awesome ok i
need to go well no i don't want to. i'll just extend
it hopefully it will extend it. i'll send this one
then type some more in another one just in case it
doesn't. so yeah have fun! have a great week and be safe!

i love you!
Elder Shumway!

10 minutes left

ok well i have ten minutes left so i don't
know how long this will be but i'm
afraid i may eventually have to talk
to this otehr Elder cameron shumway i think
i got some emails for him so yeah i don't know
how this is going to work out...
i wonder what his email address is... anyways.
oh i forget i wanted to tell you
the cake here is awesome there's nothing else
like it theres whats called biscocho i think
thats how its spelled bro rillons probably
knows about that one and the other one too..
its called tres leche they're both fantastic. there's
also a drink that they make call morir sonando (with
a little thingy over the first n) which means to
die dreaming. its really dang good. ok well i
just went over on the computer so i have 19
minutes now so here we go... :) thats dumb it
won't let me run out of time it just extends it
when it gets to five minutes...
oh well. subways are fun. very exciting. we have
gone real tracting once it was
a lot of fun. i really enjoyed it. :) i still haven't
really had a sucessful street contact. but i have
tried to do a street contact and it was entirely in
spanish i am really learning just not really all that
fast. :) its coming though. i think my favorite
time of day right now is either personal study time
in the morning or night time laying in bed praying.
they're both awesome. church was fun it was nice
to be in a family ward again even if i had absolutely no
idea what they were talking about... i did get the
topics of both talks but i had no idea what they said
about either topic :) they talk so fast here. theres
this one lady her name is maria reyes. when she talks
it makwes me think of curt barker he talked way too
fast. i usually didn't understand what he said and it
was in english. maria is talking in spanish. its hard
but it feels so good when they talk about church
stuff cuz i can keep up with what they're saying. i can't
input anything yet but i can understand whats going on.
soits pretty cool. :) ok
it just told me i have ten minutes left so i'm going to
get off before it extends me another fifteen minutes...
i hope it doesn't like cost anything....
oh well. have a great week i will write you again next
wednesday probably about this time! love ya!

elder shumway

Just Cameron July 15

yeah i just got a email from cory unfortunately
i can't email him back cuz he's not immediate family
... i'm not sure if i can email brandon or not....
i dont know. thats awesome that cory has decidd to go
on a mission i'm so glad he has there's nothing better
he could be doing right now. so in my first week i
realized that yeah i don't know spanish. but i also
realized that i don't know dominican either. supposedly
tehy speak spanish but i've been told its about as
close to spanish as portugese is to spanish. and thats
who i'm with is a bunch of dominicans they're so
awesome though. they're so nice to us its great. i
figure if i can get to where i can understand them then
i'll be able to understand just about any spanish
they tatlk so fast i think most of them can
talk english faster than i can. so spanish is a lot
of fun! :) yeah its great out here though i love
it so far. oh you said gunnar and brady had they'er eagle
projects i was kinda confused. i'm guessing you meant
porter though thats awesome i'm glad they finished
and i won't tell gunnar that you spelled his name
wrong cuz he hates that :) so yeah thats about it until
yesterday we had two people committed to baptism and
then last night we got another one and another
investigator besides that so it was a really good day
yesterday :) umm... yeah i can't really think of
much else... this is why i don't like email i feel so
pressed for time i can't think of what to say but oh
well if i think of anything drastically important
i'll write a letter tonight well today but yeah later
today... anyways i hope everything is going great
and every one is having fun i know i am i love you
all can't wait to hear from you again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8 2009

hey whats up i'm not going to put much cuz i'm still not a huge fan of typing or

emailing or ... talking really but i'm in new york everythings good i got a new

companion his name is elder Godfrey he's pretty cool. theres really not much

else we went to go see one of his old converts and i can actually understand

some spanish :) but were in the washington heights or as its commonly known the

dominican heights. and he told me that people from dominican republic talk

really fast so i guess we'll see how much spanish i really know but it was

pretty cool to be able to understand anything that was being said i thought it

was going to be way worse. ummm i can't think of much else please don't email me

i would rather get something in the mail if i starrt getting nothing but e-mails

i'll stop e-mailing i can do it i've done it two months now so don't stop

sending mail. oh my address here i don't know if you guys have it or not but its

uhoh i forgot... 700 white plains road suite 315 scarsdale, NY 10583 yeah thats

it so send stuff there i'm not sure how everything else works but i'm sure i'll

get it soon enough i love it here already its weird its just so different. i

guess thats pretty much all there is i still have half an hour... my hands are

tired already. i don't have a car i don't have a bike i've already been on the

subway i think three times and a bus once that was interesting. but yeah we just

walk everywhere. were in manhatten my companion told me were actually pretty

close to the temple so thats pretty cool but i still haven't seen it yet so

yeah. ok well i have to write the mission president now so and i'm pretty much

all out of stuff to say so i guess i'll talk to you next week!