Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OK So it's been along time since Cameron actually left, but I haven't put up any pics about the airport and Brigette took a gajillion pictures for me, so here are some of them.

Getting out of the car. Brenton came along to see him off.

It was a long wait at the airport, you have to get there 2 hours before and then there's nothing to do but look at each other.

We left so early that Cameron didn't get to eat breakfast, and Cameron ALWAYS eats breakfast, so Darci treated him to some morning Pizza!!

Since she was just barely pregnant, she needed to eat too!!

This is the "Girly" camera that I bought for Cameron. I honestly thought it was a darker blue. I obviously was mistaken. We told him to tell all the other missionaries that his girlfriend gave it to him.

Everyone got hugs before he left, He did hug Brigette too, but she didn't give up the camera.

Then you have to go through all the ropes, even though you are the only one getting on the plane.....

Then the long walk to the boarding area...

We went up to the top of the parking garage to see him off

And here's his plane taking off

And in the air


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