Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct 19

No mom i havent been to the mission home what they
do normally is you send stuff
to the mission home they stick a little sticker on
it with my address and the
mail man takes it to where i live because the mission
home is a long way away we
can't go there. unfortunately the mailmen got upset
at having to reforeward all
the mail the the mission home gets so now we get mail
roughly once a week at
zone/district meetings the assistants bring it the all
the individual zone
leaders and the zl's give it to the district leaders
and the dl's give it to
each missionary right now the zl's have my package they
told me about it a few
days ago i just haven't gotten it yet. and about the
whole jackekt thing i just
decided i don't really care anymore if i get cold i get
cold if i'm warm i'm
warm i'll find out how cold it gets this winter than
next winter i'll know
whether or not i need anything... its really kind of
amusing this whole combined
letter thing. it makes me laugh... your goofy email thing
with the word wrap
thing thats a little frustrating.... i couldn't open the
window big enough to
read the whole thing with one i copied and pasted into
word then shrunk it down
but the other it wouldn't let me do that so i just had
to scroll back and forth
the whole time... oh no i'm running out of time... umm
well everything going
cool here we had a mission conference yesterday that was
pretty cool and after
that we had a fireside for the rest of the night we didn't
do much missionary
work at all yestarday because elder Pace from the 70 came
to talk to us so that
was pretty cool. umm. i'm not sure what else one of the
members already told us
she wants to feed us for thanksgiving she way cool she
always plays pranks on
the new missionaries its way fun :) but yeah everythings
going good umm i can't
think of anything else and i need to go write brigette
still i don't know if it
will extend my time or not... so i'll talk to you next week!


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