Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OK So it's been along time since Cameron actually left, but I haven't put up any pics about the airport and Brigette took a gajillion pictures for me, so here are some of them.

Getting out of the car. Brenton came along to see him off.

It was a long wait at the airport, you have to get there 2 hours before and then there's nothing to do but look at each other.

We left so early that Cameron didn't get to eat breakfast, and Cameron ALWAYS eats breakfast, so Darci treated him to some morning Pizza!!

Since she was just barely pregnant, she needed to eat too!!

This is the "Girly" camera that I bought for Cameron. I honestly thought it was a darker blue. I obviously was mistaken. We told him to tell all the other missionaries that his girlfriend gave it to him.

Everyone got hugs before he left, He did hug Brigette too, but she didn't give up the camera.

Then you have to go through all the ropes, even though you are the only one getting on the plane.....

Then the long walk to the boarding area...

We went up to the top of the parking garage to see him off

And here's his plane taking off

And in the air


July 29

ok so today was kinda fun. we went to the library
to do our e-mail and the server at salt lake was
down so we couldn't do it. but then we found out
that you're only allowed to use a computer once
a day at the library so we were pretty much hosed...
but now were in like some sort of travel agency and i
don't know how much its going to cost or whatever like
that but yeah... we went to applebees today it was good.
we go out to eat too much i think but its probably
just me... oh thank you for asking questions so i have
something to answer... :)
i'm doing good. my companion is american but he is from
canada. he says he loves it there and it sounds pretty
cool. he's from over by the rocky mountains so we
can relate there. i am definately getting better at
understanding the language my "test" is this one
lady named maria like half the city. shes a really nice
mexican lady that feeds us a lot if i can get to where i
can understand her i'll bee good. she talks way too fast.
so yeah but i'm getting to where i can at least follow what
shes saying. were teaching two people right now one just gave
birth so she can get baptized it was pretty sweet she's
like two weeks overdue so we gave her a blessing and
that night she goes into labor it was pretty sweet.
plus her aunt has been listening to the lessons and now
maybe her husband will too. then there's maria reyes
who knows everything and is now getting ready
to get baptized. oh and we just started teaching
this mexican guy last night named jugo which is litterally
translated to juice. but he's awesome he said he was
walking down the street thinking about God and the sisters
stopped and talked to him and after they left he was
like " what just hapened i just gave them my phone number
and addresss and everything." so it was pretty sweet. right
now new york is pretty amazing but i wouldn't want to
live in the city its not bad but i would just want
to make it quieter... but its really cool theres like
random parks that are really nice. pretty much every
building in my area has about 6 floors so none are
huge theres occasionally one with like 15 but most
have 6 the elevators are nasty if they have one but
the people are so nice. i haven't gone to the temple
yet or seen it and we didn't go to the yankee's game
last week or whenever it was but were going to try for
the next one on wed before 6 :) its not asking much...
but yeah there's actually another one this
cycle so i may go in my first six weeks. :) please give
them my address i got a letter from the Hallstroms a
couple days ago it apparently takes a really long time
to get here but yeah give out my address i can't send
e-mails to anyone but i can read them from any one
so you can do that too. thats crazy that Holden is
an elder! :) i still remember feeling so old when he was
blessing the sacrament for the first time. oh how's brenton
doing with his papers? i know hes moving but he still needs
to get that done. if he doesn't i'll smack him. in a couple
years... :) thats funny recently we've been eating about
every 2-3 hours too :) especially on sundays :) dominicans
are so nice! oh we were fed by this lady from peru it was
SO good! ok i was thinking today theres three people that i
could call ma in this area. three different ladys each one
is from a different country. its so cool this is probably
the only place that could happen. i've got a flag for
the DR and mexico. oh i bet you had some nutso parties
going on in the neighborhood on sunday! i heard that
mexico won the world cup like 5-0 thats crazy one of
the recent converts from mexico said he could have gone
to the game but he would have had to miss church so he
didn't go :) we were so happy! its been raining a lot here
its not hot just way humid and my comp doesn't know the
difference... its just sweat... but yeah i like the rain but
i wish it would thunder more. oh it just did... :)
ok well i think thats it but i still have a bunch more
emials to go through so i may write more after all the others. :)

Elder Shumway