Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9

Dear Family,

I'm glad you all had a wonderful time
taking brigette to the temple :) I'm
doing pretty good here just trudging
along there's not much new stuff
happening. we've got two solid baptismal
dates right now and we'll hopefully have
another one soon the problem is she's
been bptized already by another church and she
believes that that church had the authority
to do it so thats the problem we're
facing now... but we taught her the word
of wisdom last night and she accepted
it without even questioning it it was
really cool :) i have no idea what we're
going to do today we're going to mcdonalds
or burgerking i think but i don't know for
sure. i need to get a new watch its a good
thing they sell watches on pretty much
every corner :) i can't think of anything
else .... i hope eerythings going good
and i hope brigette is getting ready to
leave :) don't forget to take a towell
i forgot to bring one they sell them at
the mtc but yeah just try to remember
the stuf you'll need other than just
the stuff on the list :) like a towell...
i love you all i hope you're doing well
i'll write you again next week :)

Elder Shumway

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sept 2

We've been having issues with the email for the last couple of weeks,
Cameron was sending them on Wed, but we weren't getting them until Friday!
I may have missed a couple of postings!!

Thats awesome about jenny! :) she needs to learn about the
gospel! thats what the gospel does it flls those holes that
people have if she's looking for something like that she'll
find it in teh gospel, but if it takes too long she'll try
to find it somewhere else. so lets go! :) i'm so excited about
Brigette thats so awesome :) thats going to be so cool to have
us both be onmissions at the same time i wish i could be
there for her going through the temple though. i did get
the emails from cory and holden i'll write them back if
i have time today but i don't want to email them so it
will be hand written in case i forget to tell them make
sure they understand the whole email thing... i can get
emails from whoever. it doesn't mater so they can email
me from their email addresses i just can't respond to
them through email i have to hand write them. which is
a little lame. but oh well oh and the package thing
oh wait! i need to tell you all about mail. i don't
remember if i told you or not but the mail men at the
mission home are complaining about how they deliver all this
mail to the home and then the next day its all in the
mail box again going somewhere else. so we don't get mail
except for like zone conferences mission conferences so
like twice a cycle. so its a little lame... i could give you my
apartment address but i don't really feel like it...
so anyways :) oh yeah we moved this week thats about
all we've done we moved from the sixth floor to the
first floor of the same building. it was a little bit
involved :) but we mostly moved in i had to take out
those screws that are impossible to turn left that
was pretty interesting :) it was a first for me :)
but yeah everythings going good i have awesome
room mates its always a party when were all four together
its so much fun. i don't know what else to say hmm.....
i don't know i have a bunch of letters to write today
or maybe just three i haven't decided yet...
maybe seven. i don't know we'll see how much time
i have... oh yeah! yesterday we had our interviews
with president smith. well most people did i was on a
slpit with one of my roommates and the two of us took
president smith to an appointment with us he neer went
on a mission so he does this to like see what
its like i guess i don't know... but it was fun he was
so uncomfortable that was like all he said the whole
time was how he really stood out. which is totally
true we really stand out we kinda live in the ghetto
so for us to walk around in suits and ties we kinda
stick out a little bit but you just kinda get used to it
after a while :) but it was really fun thats why i didn't
get an interview because we had to leave for an
apppointment so yeah but it was pretty cool.
especially because he doesn't speak spanish so i got
to translate for him it was cool. we got a free
stereo this week its almost exactly like the one
in my room we visited a member who didn't want it
anymore so we offered to throw it away
and as we were going we thought i wonder if this
still works so we took it home and it works great
so we now have an awesome stereo in our sweet new apartment!
i think thats about it if i think of something else i'll
write you a letter later today after i write to
everyone else. thanks for everything!

elder shumway